Strengthening the capacity of nurse in effective, comprehensive, integrated people-centred tuberculosis care 

Course content

This course is designed to empower and strengthen capacity of nurses and public health staff working in TB care settings for universal coverage of people-centred TB care. Objectives of this course are to scale-up approaches and introduce with best practices in people-oriented model of TB care for better diagnosis and treatment outcomes.

  • Global epidemiology of TB, DR-TB, TB/HIV and WHO strategy and targets for TB prevention, care, and control.
  • WHO evidence and policy framework on people-centred TB care.
  • Nursing approach to a people-centred model of TB care.
  • Latest updated and evidence in TB clinical management.
  • Professional competences of nurses in TB field.
  • TB nursing care in improved prevention, detection and treatment of TB.
  • Addressing stigma and health care workers well being in people-centred model of TB care.
  • Digital health solutions for treatment adherence and patient support.
  • VOT as treatment adherence intervention.
  • Effective healthcare communication.
  • Education and counselling in TB care.
  • TB patient care in inpatient and outpatient settings.
  • Role of intersectoral collaboration in effective TB care.

                                                                                                                          REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION

Target audience

TB nurses, other public health staff, involved in TB care

Duration and language

5 business days (from Monday to Friday) 

Currently available in Russian language

Training fee

1200 EUR, including training materials, site visit, local transport, catering during working hours/on working days, visa support

Additional costs:

hotel accommodation (from ~ 40 EUR to ~ 80 EUR per night), international flight, visa, reduced per diem