10.-11.12.2019WHO EURO workshop

WHO CC Latvia staff participated at the WHO EURO Regional workshop on Intercountry operational research on modified all-oral shorter treatment regimens for drug-resistant tuberculosis in Kyiv, Ukraine, 10-11 of December.

WHO CC Latvia annual review meeting 
WHO CC Latvia annual review and planning meeting! In 2019 our centre conducted 7 international trainings in Latvia for 64 participants from 11 countries, got involved in multiple projects, conferences and activities to share and exchange experiences, worked closely with Latvian Society against TB to support TB awareness and education activities in Latvia, as well as celebrated our 15th anniversary!
We sincerely thank to our partners and colleagues and look forward for fruitful collaboration in 2020!


International conference on tuberculosis and co-infections in migrants 

Head of WHO CC Latvia Liga Kukša was presenting situation and challenges with TB, HIV, Hepatitis C screening and care for work migrants in Latvia in excellently organised international conference on tuberculosis and co-infections in migrants, that took place in Krakow, Poland, 21-22 of November. Very important topics were discussed during the conference, addressing the need for better management of infectious diseases across borders.


Observeship to Latvian National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory

19-22 of November, WHO CC Latvia hosted a 4 day observeship program for laboratory specialist from Uzbekistan on rapid molecular diagnostic methods for laboratory diagnostic of TB and drug susceptibility testing for new anti-TB drugs at the TB Supranational Reference Laboratory of Centre of TB and Lung Diseases. 


 Turkmenistan healthcare system representatives visited WHO CC Latvia

Delegation of Turkmenistan healthcare system representatives visited the Centre of TB and Lung Diseases to introduce with role of the WHO CC for Research and Training in Management of MDR-TB, as well as the process and challenges in certification of pneumonologists in Latvia.The site visit was organised by WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Professional Education of Riga Stradiņš University as a part of study visit on understanding the development and applications of registration systems within the Latvian Health System.  


WHO CC Latvia participates in Coordinating Meeting of WHO Collaborating Centers on TB, HIV, STI and viral Hepatitis

From 11 to 12 of November the WHO Regional Office for Europe hosted a coordinating meeting of WHO Collaborating Centers on TB, HIV, STI and viral Hepatitis in Copenhagen, Denmark. Objectives of the meeting were to review the current activities of the participating WHO CC’s; to exchange on challenges and gaps to implement the Global and Regional Strategies and Action Plans; and to discuss upcoming plans for collaborative activities in 2020-2022.


Meeting dedicated to the Latvian WHO CC 15th anniversary took place in Riga

Over 15 years of work WHO CC has facilitated at least 200 comprehensive trainings, conferences and exchange of experience visits for nearly 3000 specialists from more than 60 countries. Currently WHO CC Latvia offers and runs more than 20 training programs for TB specialists, pediatricians, laboratory staff, surgeons, public health and TB control program representatives. WHO CC has been actively involving in different collaborative projects addressing the key challenges in TB control, as well as the research studies on implementation of the novel diagnostic tools, medicines, treatment regimens and conducted operation research to support the people-centered TB care implementation.


 49th Nordic Lung Congress

Two of WHO CC Latvia staff members participated as a guest lecturers at the 49th Nordic Lung Congress in Tallinn, Estonia, 12-14 of June, 2019. Evita Biraua shared the DOT program experience in Latvia and Liga Kuksa the clinical drug-resistant TB patient management and challenges and obstacles in adopting the new WHO recommendations


Head of WHO CC participates in the Wolfheze Workshops 2019

15 to 17 of May, 2019 Dr. Liga Kuksa participated in the Wolheze Workshops 2019 on Translating the TB UN High-Level Meeting Commitments into Actions, that was jointly organized by KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation (KNCV), the WHO Regional Office for Europe (WHO Europe) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). WHO CC Latvia was also involved in Working Group on People-Centred Care (WG-PCC). 


WHO CC participates in TB Conference in Kyiv 

25 -26 of March, 2019, Head of WHO CC Latvia, Dr Liga Kuksa was attending a two day National TB Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine to deliver presentation on latest updates for treatment of extensively drug resistant TB;



Exchange of experience visit to Klaipeda hospital 

WHO CC Latvia consultants visited Republican Klaipeda Hospital from 25 to 26 of February, 2019 to share the latest evidence and experience, discuss success and challenges in TB control in our region. 


WHO CC Latvia participates in the WHO Europe Region rGLC/Europe meeting
19-21st of February head of WHO CC Latvia, Liga Kuksa participated in the Introduction of the new guidelines on treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis, and the face-to-face meeting of the Green Light Committee for the WHO European Region (rGLC/Europe), Vienna, Austria and presented programmatic and training related updates.