side online events of the 4th BALTIC TB symposium

On May 22, June 12, and December 10, 2020, International Training Centre, WHO CC Latvia for Research in Training in Management of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in collaboration with the Latvian Society against Tuberculosis, and partners from the TB community hosted three webinars as a part of the 4th Baltic Symposium for TB clinicians and laboratory staff to introduce the updates from the WHO consolidated guidelines and the latest evidence and recommendation for diagnosis, treatment and management of TB during COVID-19 epidemic. 

During the 1st webinar participants were introduced to the updates in TB preventive treatment; WHO approach to the people-centered delivery of TB prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care during the COVID-19 pandemic; current evidence and lessons learned on COVID-19 and TB; as well as the challenges to reach the EndTB strategy goals. 

The agenda of the 2nd webinar included the key changes in the treatment of drug-resistant TB, highlights from the forthcoming WHO consolidated TB guidelines, supporting activities of WHO EURO on laboratory diagnosis and MDR-TB during and beyond COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the evidence to date on trials of treatment for M/XDR-TB. 

Objectives of the 3rd webinar were to discuss the priority actions to strengthen the Baltic countries TB control programs and help countries to improve national responses to the COVID-19 pandemic; to build the capacity of TB clinicians in the provision of anti-TB treatment, in line with the latest WHO guidelines and evidence and to introduce the best practices in the use of video supported TB treatment solutions in support of TB patients.