in treatment and management of drug-resistant TB

Annually, International Training Center (ITC) organizes 7 to 12  international training activities and over the years has collaborated with different partners. In addition, ITC has been involved in multiple national and international level projects addressing the key challenges for TB control.

The location of the ITC is the Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Centre of Riga East University. This is where most of the training courses are held, and therefore practical visits to see the work of the MDR-TB ward, TB laboratory, out-patient department as well as to understand the infection control measures, nursing processes, patient management and collaboration among services in Latvia are an important part of the training programs, to ensure people-centered TB care. Training curriculum is regularly adapted following the rapidly changing worldwide innovations, scientific evidence, WHO guidance, and recommendations in the management of DR-TB.

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Training in ITC

ITC offers and runs more than 20 different comprehensive training programs for TB specialists, pediatricians, laboratory staff, surgeons, public health, and TB control program representatives. 

In-country training

Upon request, different types of in-country training/workshops/consultations are offered, including drug-resistant tuberculosis and new drugs management, childhood TB, effective health communication, and training of trainers.

Training format

Training activities are delivered in different formats - workshops, online courses, hands-on training, intensive courses, conferences, scientific symposiums and using a variety of methods – lectures, case studies, group discussions, practical visits to sites, online presentations, etc.