Tuberculosis Laboratory Aid in the People-Centered Diagnosis and Management of Tuberculosis

WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in management of MDR-TB

This hands-on work training was designed by combining the latest evidence and recommendations on rapid molecular diagnostic methods with practical work at the TB Supranational Reference Laboratory in Riga, Latvia.

Course content

  • Epidemiology of TB, DR-TB and TB/HIV.  
  • Updates on diagnosis of TB and TB drug resistance.
  • Proposed TB diagnostic algorithm by the European TB Laboratory Initiative (ELI).  
  • Use of shorter DR-TB regimens in European regions.
  • TB Laboratory services and laboratory network, possibilities of integration with HIV, Viral hepatitis programs.
  • Detection of mutations associated with resistance to first and second line anti-TB medicines.

    • Mowing towards laboratory accreditation, internal and external quality control.
    • Infection control requirement for laboratories at different levels.
    • Drug susceptibility testing for new and repurposed anti-TB medicines.
    • Laboratory detection of latent TB infection for strengthening preventive treatment of contacts and high risk groups.
    • Effective communication for ensuring precise reporting and interpretation of the result.

Duration and language

5 business days (from Monday to Friday). Available in Russian language. 

Target audience  

TB laboratory specialists

Training fee

1200 EUR, including training materials, site visit, local transport, catering during working hours/on working days, visa support (excluding hotel accommodation, international flight, visa costs and daily allowance)