This course is designed to empower and strengthen the capacity of nurses and public health staff working in TB care settings for universal coverage of people-centered TB care. The objectives of this course are to scale up approaches and introduce best practices in a people-oriented model of TB care for better diagnosis and treatment outcomes.

Most of the courses take place in WHO CC Latvia facilities, located at the TB and Lung Diseases Centre of Riga East University hospital with field visits to the DR-TB department, National TB Reference Laboratory, and TB Outpatient department, including collaboration with other social/health/NGO sectors in providing care for the patients. WHO CC Latvia regularly involves regional experts from the field in the provision of the course. WHO CC Latvia ensures full logistic support to participants - including accommodation, local transfers, meals and visa invitation.

Course content

  • Global epidemiology of TB, DR-TB, TB/HIV and WHO strategy and targets for TB prevention, care, and control.
  • WHO evidence and policy framework on people-centered TB care.
  • Nursing approach to a people-centred model of TB care.
  • Latest updated and evidence in TB clinical management.
  • Professional competences of nurses in TB field.
  • TB nursing care in improved prevention, detection and treatment of TB.

    • Addressing stigma and health care workers wellbeing in people-centered model of TB care.
    • Digital health solutions for treatment adherence and patient support.
    • VOT as treatment adherence intervention.
    • Effective healthcare communication.
    • Education and counseling in TB care.
    • TB patient care in inpatient and outpatient settings.
    • Role of intersectoral collaboration in effective TB care.

Duration and language

5 business days (from Monday to Friday). Available in Russian language. 

Target audience  

TB nurses, other public health staff, involved in TB care

Training fee

1200 EUR, including training materials, site visit, local transport, catering during working hours/on working days, visa support (excluding hotel accommodation, international flight, visa costs and daily allowance)